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Mastering Internet of Things

By : Peter Waher
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Mastering Internet of Things

By: Peter Waher

Overview of this book

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the fastest growing technology market. Industries are embracing IoT technologies to improve operational expenses, product life, and people's well-being. Mastering Internet of Things starts by presenting IoT fundamentals and the smart city. You will learn the important technologies and protocols that are used for the Internet of Things, their features, corresponding security implications, and practical examples on how to use them. This book focuses on creating applications and services for the Internet of Things. Further, you will learn to create applications and services for the Internet of Things. You will be discover various interesting projects and understand how to publish sensor data, control devices, and react to asynchronous events using the XMPP protocol. The book also introduces chat, to interact with your devices. You will learn how to automate your tasks by using Internet of Things Service Platforms as the base for an application. You will understand the subject of privacy, requirements they should be familiar with, and how to avoid violating any of the important new regulations being introduced. At the end of the book, you will have mastered creating open, interoperable and secure networks of things, protecting the privacy and integrity of your users and their information.
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About the author

Peter Waher is the founder of Little Sister®—a standards-based distributed social network—based on the principles of edge computing, privacy, and information ownership for humans and machines. Currently, he advises companies on topics such as privacy, the IoT, and Smart Cities. He has worked for 24 years with computers and device communication, including low-level development in assembler for resource-constrained devices to high-level system design and architecture. His award-winning applications have attracted global attention; he has also spoken at prestigious events.

About the reviewer

Pankaj Ganguly is currently working as an IoT architect with Wipro. Previously, he served Persistent for 12 years. He architected and delivered many IoT solutions using diverse technologies and cloud platforms. He is an AWS certified solution architect and a ToGAF 9 certified enterprise architect who has published seven research papers in international conferences and journals. He also reviewed many journal and conference papers. He taught at NIT as a visiting faculty, and has been a part of the academic committee and external evaluators of many NITs in India.





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