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MicroPython Projects

By : Jacob Beningo
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MicroPython Projects

By: Jacob Beningo

Overview of this book

With the increasing complexity of embedded systems seen over the past few years, developers are looking for ways to manage them easily by solving problems without spending a lot of time on finding supported peripherals. MicroPython is an efficient and lean implementation of the Python 3 programming language, which is optimized to run on microcontrollers. MicroPython Projects will guide you in building and managing your embedded systems with ease. This book is a comprehensive project-based guide that will help you build a wide range of projects and give you the confidence to design complex projects spanning new areas of technology such as electronic applications, automation devices, and IoT applications. While building seven engaging projects, you'll learn how to enable devices to communicate with each other, access and control devices over a TCP/IP socket, and store and retrieve data. The complexity will increase progressively as you work on different projects, covering areas such as driver design, sensor interfacing, and MicroPython kernel customization. By the end of this MicroPython book, you'll be able to develop industry-standard embedded systems and keep up with the evolution of the Internet of Things.
Table of Contents (14 chapters)
Downloading and Running MicroPython Code

Constructing the gesture controller

We are going to look at building the gesture controller in several different chunks. First, we are going to explore the theory behind how the APDS-9960 works. Once we understand how it works, we will then develop the APDS-9960 driver that is shown in the class diagram in the The software architecture section. Finally, we will write our high-level application that uses the class. At that point, we will be ready to test the controller. Let's get started!

The APDS-9960 theory of operation

The APDS-9960 has four directional photodiodes, which are used to detect the reflected infrared light that is generated by integrated IR LEDs. The reflected light can be used to sense motion, such as...