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Design Innovative Robots with LEGO SPIKE Prime

By : Aaron Maurer
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Design Innovative Robots with LEGO SPIKE Prime

5 (1)
By: Aaron Maurer

Overview of this book

The new LEGO SPIKE Prime is one of the latest additions to the LEGO robotics line of products. This book will help you to enjoy building robots and understand how exciting robotics can be in terms of design, coding, and the expression of ideas. The book begins by taking you through a new realm of playful learning experiences designed for inventors and creators of any age. In each chapter, you'll find out how to build a creative robot, learn to bring the robot to life through code, and finally work with exercises to test what you've learned and remix the robot to suit your own unique style. Throughout the chapters, you'll build exciting new smart robots such as a handheld game, a robotic arm with a joystick, a guitar, a flying bird, a sumobot, a dragster, and a Simon Says game. By the end of this LEGO book, you'll have gained the knowledge and skills you need to build any robot that you can imagine.
Table of Contents (9 chapters)

Creating a rock, paper, scissors wrist game

So far, you have been doing a lot of reading, so let's take time to do a quick build that covers some of the concepts shared about this new and exciting kit. You are going to build a fun little game of rock, paper, scissors that you can wear on your wrist.

You will need the following parts:

  • One Intelligent Hub
  • 16 black connector pins
  • One purple 7x11 open frame
  • Two black 5x7 open frames
  • Two black 9L beams
  • Two gray H connector brackets
  • Eight gray connector pins with a stop bush

Follow these steps to build the rock, paper, scissors wrist game:

  1. To start this build, find your Intelligent Hub.

    Figure 1.27 – Intelligent Hub

  2. Locate four black connector pins. Flip the Intelligent Hub onto its end and insert the four pins into the middle pin holes at the top and bottom of the hub.

    Figure 1.28 – Black pin connectors on the Intelligent Hub

  3. Locate your two black 5x7 open frame...