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The Azure IoT Handbook

By : Dan Clark
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The Azure IoT Handbook

By: Dan Clark

Overview of this book

With the rise of cloud-based computing, deploying IoT systems has become more cost-effective for businesses. This transformation has led to developers and architects shouldering the responsibility of creating, managing, and securing these systems, even if they are new to the IoT technology. The Azure IoT Handbook is a comprehensive introduction to quickly bring you up to speed in this rapidly evolving landscape. Starting with the basic building blocks of any IoT system, this book guides you through mobile device management and data collection using an IoT hub. You’ll explore essential tools for system security and monitoring. Following data collection, you’ll delve into real-time data analytics using Azure Stream Analytics and view real-time streaming on a Power BI dashboard. Packed with real-world examples, this book covers common IoT use as well. By the end of this IoT book, you’ll know how to design and develop IoT solutions leveraging intelligent edge-to-cloud technologies implemented on Azure.
Table of Contents (18 chapters)
Part 1: Capturing Data from Remote Devices
Part 2: Processing the Data
Part 3: Processing the Data

Part 1: Capturing Data from Remote Devices

Welcome to The Azure IoT Handbook, where we explore the world of IoT in a straightforward manner. The first part of the book covers the fundamentals of IoT. We then introduce the core concepts of IoT systems on Azure. This includes the IoT Hub service, followed by the Device Provisioning service, which discusses provisioning devices efficiently and at scale. We will then focus on device management, monitoring, and the importance of securing IoT systems. Whether you’re a seasoned IoT professional or a beginner, our goal is to provide you with essential knowledge to navigate the Azure IoT landscape with confidence. Let’s embark on this journey together as we delve deeper into the world of IoT.

This part has the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1, An Introduction to the IoT
  • Chapter 2, Exploring the IoT Hub Service
  • Chapter 3, Provisioning Devices with the Device Provisioning Service
  • Chapter 4, Exploring Device Management...