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Hands-on ESP32 with Arduino IDE

By : Asim Zulfiqar
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Hands-on ESP32 with Arduino IDE

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By: Asim Zulfiqar

Overview of this book

ESP32 is a versatile microcontroller and a great starting point for anyone venturing into the IoT realm, but its configuration and interfacing of sensors can be challenging for new users. Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE) simplifies programming, uploading code, and utilization of ESP32 capabilities, enabling users to incorporate it into their IoT projects with ease. This book will help you learn the essentials of sensing, networking, data processing, and applications with ESP32, laying a strong foundation for further IoT development. Starting with ESP32 and Arduino Ide 2.0 basics, you'll first explore practical implementation examples of interfacing sensors with ESP32. These examples will also teach you how to interface the ESP32 camera and display modules with ESP32. As you progress, you’ll get to grips with IoT network and data protocols, as well as the many options they unlock within IoT applications. The book will also help you leverage your newly acquired knowledge with exciting projects ranging from smart connected devices to data loggers and automation. By the end of this book, you'll confidently navigate ESP32 projects with newfound knowledge and skills, know what IoT protocol to select for your applications, and successfully build and deploy your own IoT projects.
Table of Contents (15 chapters)
Part 1 – Introduction: Getting Familiar with ESP32
Part 2 – IoT Protocols and ESP32
Part 3 – Practical Implementation

Adding real-time notifications using webhooks

In the ever-changing world of IoT, it’s important for devices and faraway servers to talk effectively. Among the many ways they communicate, webhooks are useful. Webhooks help devices send quick alerts and instructions to faraway servers, like sending a text message when something happens. In this section, we’ll dive into how webhooks work in IoT projects, showing how devices such as ESP32 can use them to send messages and get things done on faraway servers in real time. This helps devices stay connected and responsive in the IoT world.

What are webhooks and how do they work?

Webhooks are like virtual messengers in the world of technology. Imagine you have a friend who keeps an eye on your favorite website for you. Whenever something new happens on that site, your friend quickly sends you a message to let you know. In the digital realm, webhooks play a similar role. They allow different services and apps to communicate...