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Building Mobile Applications Using Kendo UI Mobile and ASP.NET Web API

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Building Mobile Applications Using Kendo UI Mobile and ASP.NET Web API

Overview of this book

With the world becoming more mobile, there is a growing need for mobile websites and applications. Building these from scratch is not a simple process. Kendo UI Mobile makes building websites and applications easier than ever before. Build applications for phones and tablets in no time at all and provide your user with a native look and feel.Building Mobile Applications Using Kendo UI Mobile and ASP.NET Web API helps you to understand the concept of building mobile applications using HTML5 based frameworks, specifically Kendo UI Mobile. It teaches you in a simple step-by-step manner how to create a service backend layer using ASP.NET Web API and how to integrate it with your front end mobile application, which is the missing piece of the puzzle for most developers who are new to mobile applications development. Learn everything from the basics of HTML5 to design and development of a mobile application using Kendo UI Mobile and ASP.NET Web API. Integrate them in the right way using extensible and maintainable JavaScript code.Starting with the basics of the Kendo UI platform, learn how to build a real world mobile application from scratch. You will explore the Kendo UI framework elements and integrate the sample mobile application with the ASP.NET Web API service. One of the most important things that you will learn from this book is how to organize your code using the JavaScript Revealing Module Pattern. You will also take a journey through Kendo UI Mobile widgets with lots of code samples hosted in jsFiddle. At the end of this book, you will complete the integration of the sample application and master fixing real world problems utilizing your newly acquired professional techniques that will save you time and effort.Building Mobile Applications Using Kendo UI Mobile and ASP.NET Web API will help you improve your mobile application development skills using hands-on examples, and will help you address the common problems faced by beginners as well as experienced web programmers. 
Table of Contents (15 chapters)
Building Mobile Applications Using Kendo UI Mobile and ASP.NET Web API
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Chapter 1. Building a Mobile Application Using HTML5

The world is going mobile and millions of smart phones are activated daily. As a result, more and more mobile applications are developed for consumers, and enterprise software products are also slowly but steadily joining the revolution. More and more businesses are convinced that in order to sustain, they need to be in the mobile space. You are a web developer and one fine morning your manager tells you, "We now need to focus on the mobile platforms. Get ready!" or you want to develop a mobile app which needs to be deployed to one or more mobile app stores. There are many factors that play a part in choosing the appropriate mobile development platform, such as your development skills, native functionalities, security, offline capability, and support for multiple platforms. In this chapter, we will see different approaches for developing mobile applications and understand why HTML5 is a popular choice for cross-platform development. Then we will have an introduction to Kendo UI Mobile and will go over some design principles for mobile applications.

In this chapter we will cover:

  • Native versus hybrid versus mobile websites

  • HTML5 and CSS3

  • Kendo UI – building cross-browser apps made easy

  • Kendo UI Mobile

  • HTML5 mobile web application design guidelines