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Near Field Communication with Android Cookbook

By : Vitor Subtil
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Near Field Communication with Android Cookbook

By: Vitor Subtil

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Near Field Communication with Android Cookbook
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Configuring the Open NFC Android add-on into your Android SDK

In this recipe, we will see how to set up the Open NFC Android Edition add-on in our existing Android SDK installation.

Getting ready

The following are the settings required for this recipe:

  • Make sure that the Android SDK and the Open NFC add-on target Android version is installed. Since the Open NFC version used is targeting Android ICS 4.0.3, we need to have Android API level 15 installed. Navigate to for instructions on how to install packages.

  • Make sure you have downloaded Open NFC Android Edition—refer to the Downloading Open NFC Android Edition recipe.

  • It's assumed that the Android SDK location is known and that Open NFC Android Edition was previously downloaded and extracted to the NFCBook folder in your home directory.


Downloading the example code

You can download the example code files for all Packt books you have purchased from your account at If you purchased this book elsewhere, you can visit and register to have the files e-mailed directly to you.

How to do it…

We are going to configure the previously downloaded Open NFC plugin into our Android SKD installation as follows:

  1. Open the NFCBook folder and navigate to the Open NFC for Android Edition folder.

  2. Copy the add-ons folder located inside the OpenNFC_AddOn folder to your clipboard.

  3. Navigate to the Android SDK installation folder.

  4. Paste the add-ons folder from your clipboard (copied in step 2) to the Android SDK folder. If asked to merge the two folders, select yes.

  5. Start Android SDK Manager by installing the SDK Manager.exe file on Windows. You should see the Open NFC add-on under the Android version item, as shown in the following screenshot:

How it works…

The add-ons folder in Open NFC Android Edition contains a modified image of the Android system. This modified image contains the simulator for the NFC controller.