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Near Field Communication with Android Cookbook

By : Vitor Subtil
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Near Field Communication with Android Cookbook

By: Vitor Subtil

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Near Field Communication with Android Cookbook
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In this chapter, we will create some applications that are actually used in real-life scenarios. We can use them on a daily basis to simplify repetitive tasks.

For simplicity purposes, the methods related to tags and NDEF Records handling, which we used in Chapter 2, Detecting a Tag, and Chapter 3, Writing Tag Content, were placed in the NfcHelper class. This class will to be used in every Android-related recipe and is described in the following code:

public class NfcHelper {
  public NfcHelper(Activity activity){...}

  public boolean isNfcEnabledDevice(){...}

  public boolean isNfcIntent(Intent intent){...}

  public Tag getTagFromIntent(Intent intent){...}

  public void enableForegroundDispatch(){...}

  public void disableForegroundDispatch(){...}

  public boolean writeNdefMessage(Intent intent, NdefMessage ndefMessage){...}

  public boolean writeNdefMessage(Tag tag, NdefMessage ndefMessage){...}

  private boolean formatTag(Tag tag, NdefMessage ndefMessage){...}