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Near Field Communication with Android Cookbook

By : Vitor Subtil
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Near Field Communication with Android Cookbook

By: Vitor Subtil

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Near Field Communication with Android Cookbook
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Making a phone call with one tap – Part 1

A lot of people make several phone calls in a day to the same people in repetitive ways Getting in touch with a boyfriend/girlfriend, calling your parents' home, or even when your boss always keeps calling you for meetings at work, are some examples of where you could use NFC to make this communication easier. Imagine that your office has NFC sticker tags with images of people on your contact list. You could call any person on that list when you tap the tag, thus avoiding the need to open the contact list, search for that person, and then initiate the call.

Getting ready

  • Make sure you have a working Android development environment. If you don't, ADT Bundle is a good kit to start with. You can download it from

  • Make sure you have an NFC-enabled Android device or a virtual test environment—refer to the Testing your app all together recipe in Chapter 1, Getting Started with NFC.

  • It will be assumed that Eclipse...