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Application Development in iOS 7

By : Kyle Begeman
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Application Development in iOS 7

By: Kyle Begeman

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Application Development in iOS 7
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Adding our delegates

Now that our view is completely set up, we can start coding the desired functionality. Before we can move on, we need to specify some delegates that our view controller will require to work. We will work with a text field, image picker, navigation controller, and action sheet, all of which have their own custom delegates. Switch to AddNewViewController.h and replace the line of code after #import with the following code:

@interface AddNewViewController : UIViewController <UITextFieldDelegate, UIActionSheetDelegate, UIImagePickerControllerDelegate, UINavigationControllerDelegate>

Here, we are simply specifying the protocols that our class will conform to in the code. With this final step, we can now start coding our functionality into the application!