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Learning Ionic

By : Arvind Ravulavaru
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Learning Ionic

By: Arvind Ravulavaru

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Learning Ionic
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Scaffolding the tabs template

To get a good feel of the Ionic CLI and the project structure, we will scaffold the other two starter templates as well. First we will scaffold the tabs template.

Using the cd command go back to the chapter2 folder and run the following command:

ionic start -a "Example 2" -i app.example.two example2 tabs

As you can see, the tabs project is scaffolded inside the example2 folder. Using the cd command go to the example2 folder and execute the following command:

ionic serve

You should see the tabbed interface app built using Ionic as seen in the following screenshot:

The tabs are located at the bottom of the page. We will talk more about customizations in Chapter 3, Ionic CSS Components and Navigation and Chapter 5, Ionic Directives and Services.

If you go back to the example2 folder and analyze the project structure, everything would be the same except for the contents of the www folder.

This time, you will see a new folder named templates. This folder will consist...