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Learning Ionic

By : Arvind Ravulavaru
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Learning Ionic

By: Arvind Ravulavaru

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Learning Ionic
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Setting up the server

Since setting up the server is not a critical part of this book or this example app, you have two ways to do it:

  1. Consume an existing REST API, which I have built.

  2. Fork the server code, set up DB and run the server locally.

For option 1, you can check out the docs ( on readily available REST API end points and how to consume them.

For option 2, we will carry out the following operations:

Download and unzip the server code from: If you are familiar with Node.js, this is a typical Express application that has JWT added to it.

For the database, you can either use your local instance of MongoDB or you can get a free MongoLab ( account and use it. Or you can use my MongoLab URL for this. Do note that other people are also using this URL; so kindly be sensible about it.

Once you have decided on the connection, you need to open server/db/connection.js and update the connection string on line...