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NGUI for Unity

By : Charles Bernardoff
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NGUI for Unity

By: Charles Bernardoff

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The barrier availability tool tip

Let's set up notifications in the game using our previous work:

  1. Drag our Notification prefab inside our UI GameObject.

  2. Select the new Notification GameObject in the Hierarchy view, and then perform the following steps:

    1. Change its Layer to Game (in the top right-hand corner of the Inspector view).

    2. A pop up will appear. Click on Yes, and change children.

    3. Open the NotificationManager.cs script that is attached to it.

First, we need to add a new notification type. This is done by adding a third line to our type enum:


Now, add the following localization string to English.txt:

BarrierAvailableNotification = New [99FF99]Barrier[FFFFFF] Available!

Also, add the following localization string to French.txt:

BarrierAvailableNotification = Nouvelle [99FF99]Barrière[FFFFFF] Disponible !

Everything is set. Now, go back to our BarrierObjectController.cs script, and add the following line of code at the very end of the CooldownFinished() method:

//Show Notification...