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NGUI for Unity

By : Charles Bernardoff
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NGUI for Unity

By: Charles Bernardoff

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Creating self-destruct code

Dropping barriers on the screen is not enough. We will use a self-destruct code to destroy enemies too.

Each enemy will get a chance to have a self-destruct code. If it has one, an empty slider with Code Encrypted displayed inside it will appear above the concerned enemy.

When the player clicks on the enemy, the hacking process starts. When the hacking is complete, a word will appear as shown in the following screenshot, and the player will have to type it on his keyboard to destroy it:

The hacking slider

Let's start by creating the hacking slider indicator inside our Spaceship prefab by performing the following steps:

  1. In the Project view, select our Spaceship prefab.

  2. Drag it in the Hierarchy view as child of the Viewport GameObject.

  3. Open the Wiget Tool window by navigating to NGUI | Create a Widget and then perform the following steps:

    1. Select the Game Atlas.

    2. Select the Progress Bar template.

    3. Select the Button sprite for the Empty field.

    4. Select the Button sprite for the...