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Swift Cookbook
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Delivering some pizzas

Imagine that you have to create a new window type, which will have a border; the first idea is borrowed from a window class, and creating a new class called BorderedWindow. You can do the same thing with scroll bars; call it ScrolledWindow. Now, if we need to create a window with scroll and border, we have to create a new class called ScrolledAndBorderedWindow, but imagine that we now need to add a double and triple bordered window, we will have lots of combinations.

To prevent this kind of problem, there is a pattern called decorator; this pattern allows us to create new object types based on a new feature.

Getting ready

Create a new project called Chapter 4 Pizzas and add the pizza image into Images.xcassets. Now, heat up the oven and let's prepare some pizzas.

How to do it...

Let's execute these steps to deliver some pizzas:

  1. First of all, let's create a base class that defines a pizza, so create a new file called Pizza.swift and create the following class:

    class BasePizza...