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Learning Node.js for Mobile Application Development

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Learning Node.js for Mobile Application Development

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Learning Node.js for Mobile Application Development
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Creating an E-Commerce Application Using the Ionic Framework

About the Reviewers

Danny Allen is a full stack web developer with a focus on user experience design and implementation. He is a founder and director of the international consultancy, Wonderscore Ltd.

Skilled across a wide range of backend and frontend technologies, including Python and Django, JavaScript, AngularJS, Node.js, HTML5, and CSS3, his recent work has involved e-learning and government projects in the United Kingdom.

Danny currently lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.

His portfolio and contact details can be found at

Alex (Shurf) Frenkel has been working in the field of web application development since 1998 (the beginning of PHP 3.x). He has an extensive experience in system analysis and project management. Alex is a PHP 5.3 Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE) and is considered to be one of the most prominent LAMP developers in Israel. He is also a food blogger. You can view his blog by visiting

In the past, Alex was the CTO of ReutNet, one of the leading Israeli web technology -based companies. He also worked as the CEO/CTO of OpenIview LTD, a company built around the innovative idea of breaching the IBM Mainframe business with PHP applications, and as a CTO and chief architect of a start-up named GBooking. He also provided expert consulting services to different companies regarding various aspects of web-related technology.

Frenkel-Online is a project-based company that works with a number of professional freelance consultants in Israel and abroad. Currently, their permanent staff comprises several professionals from Israel and abroad for the company's PHP projects, and a changing number of specialists in other programming languages for the rest of the projects.

FoodStuff.Guru is a pet project that brings not only high-style food, but also common food, to the web so that it can be reviewed by people for the people. The blog is multilingual and can be viewed by visiting

Siddique Hameed is currently working as a full-stack engineer on Simplify Commerce (, a payment gateway platform from MasterCard. In his diverse career experience, he has crafted software for Fortune 500 companies as well as startups with industry domains ranging from commerce, social media, telecom, bio-informatics, finance, publishing, insurance, and so on.

He is a passionate technologist who actively contributes to open source projects. He speaks frequently at tech events and meet-ups and mentors the participants of hackathons and code boot camps.

His current focus areas include AngularJS, Ionic, Node.js, HTML5, CSS3, Cloud computing, mobile applications, and the Internet of Things (IoT). In his spare time, he likes to tinker with the Raspberry Pi and build DIY gadgets.

Prasanna Ramanujam is a software engineer. He has a master's degree in software engineering. He is a full-stack developer, and he has been a Node.js developer since the release of Node.js version 0.2. He has helped architect and scale the Node.js application at companies in Silicon Valley. He has also published many private and public NPM modules.

He is passionate about building high-availability systems. He likes to work on asynchronous programming, distributed computing, and NoSQL databases. He also likes music, skiing, and water sports. He can be found on Twitter at @prasanna_sr.