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Learning Embedded Android N Programming

By : Ivan Morgillo
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Learning Embedded Android N Programming

By: Ivan Morgillo

Overview of this book

Take a deep dive into the Android build system and its customization with Learning Embedded Android Programming, written to help you master the steep learning curve of working with embedded Android. Start by exploring the basics of Android OS, discover Google’s “repo” system, and discover how to retrieve AOSP source code. You'll then find out to set up the build environment and the first AOSP system. Next, learn how to customize the boot sequence with a new animation, and use an Android “kitchen” to “cook” your custom ROM. By the end of the book, you'll be able to build customized Android open source projects by developing your own set of features.
Table of Contents (15 chapters)
Learning Embedded Android N Programming
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A look inside AOSP

At this point, we have our copy of AOSP so we can start looking inside to see what the project consists of.

Before delving inside, we must warn you that, when generating a new build image from scratch, you won't find any of the Google applications that you can find on most of the Android devices. That is because the Google applications are not licensed under Apache 2.0 license, so they are not provided with the public project. We are talking about applications such as Play Store, Gmail, YouTube, Maps, and all other official Google apps.

These applications are provided only to the compatible devices, that is, the devices that pass the Compatibility Test Suite we met in the first chapter.

Being able to distribute an Android device with all Google's app on-board is no easy trip. After confirming that the device is compatible using CTS, it is also necessary to obtain a particular Google Mobile Services (GMS) license by contacting Google directly.

Obviously, you can find those...