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Swift by Example

By : Giordano Scalzo
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Swift by Example

By: Giordano Scalzo

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Completing the UI

Although the views are in the correct place, we need to implement all the components.


First of all, we need to import the fonts' frameworks:

import LatoFont
import WeatherIconsKit

The former is the font we've already used in the TodoList app; the latter is similar to AwesomeKit, and it contains a series of icons related to the weather:

    private let cityLbl = UILabel()
    private let maxTempLbl = UILabel()
    private let minTempLbl = UILabel()
    private let iconLbl = UILabel()
    private let weatherLbl = UILabel()
    private let currentTempLbl = UILabel()

We simply add all the labels and lay them out:

    func layoutView(){
        layout(self) { view in
            view.height == 160
        layout(iconLbl) { view in
   == view.superview!.top
            view.left == view.superview!.left + 20
            view.width == 30
            view.width == view.height
        layout(weatherLbl, iconLbl) { view, view2 in