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Swift by Example

By : Giordano Scalzo
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Swift by Example

By: Giordano Scalzo

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Table of Contents (15 chapters)

Building the skeleton of the app

Let's start implementing the skeleton of our game using the SpriteKit game template.

Creating the project

For implementing a SpriteKit game, Xcode provides a convenient template, which prepares a project with all the useful settings:

  1. Go to New| Project and select the Game template, as shown in this screenshot:

  2. In the following screen, after filling in all the fields, pay attention and select SpriteKit under Game Technology, like this:

  3. By running the app and touching the screen, you will be delighted by the cute, rotating airplanes!

Implementing the menu

First of all, let's add CocoaPods; write the following code in the Podfile:


target 'FlappySwift' do
  pod 'Cartography', '~> 0.5'
  pod 'HTPressableButton', '~> 1.3'

Then install CocoaPods by running the pod install command. As usual, we are going to implement the UI without using Interface Builder and the storyboards. Go to AppDelegate and add these lines to create the main ViewController...