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Xamarin Blueprints

By : Michael Williams
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Xamarin Blueprints

By: Michael Williams

Overview of this book

Do you want to create powerful, efficient, and independent apps from scratch that will leverage the Xamarin framework and code with C#? Well, look no further; you’ve come to the right place! This is a learn-as-you-build practical guide to building eight full-fledged applications using Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin Android, and Xamarin iOS. Each chapter includes a project, takes you through the process of building applications (such as a gallery Application, a text-to-speech service app, a GPS locator app, and a stock market app), and will show you how to deploy the application’s source code to a Google Cloud Source Repository. Other practical projects include a chat and a media-editing app, as well as other examples fit to adorn any developer’s utility belt. In the course of building applications, this book will teach you how to design and prototype professional-grade applications implementing performance and security considerations.
Table of Contents (14 chapters)
Xamarin Blueprints
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Chapter 1.  Building a Gallery Application

This chapter will walkthrough native development with Xamarin by building an iOS and Android application that will read from your local gallery files, and display them in a UITableView and ListView. The following topics will be covered in this chapter:

Expected knowledge:

  • Creating iOS provision certificates

  • iOS development

  • Objective-C

  • Creating keystores

  • Android development

  • Java

In this chapter you will learn the following:

  • Creating an iOS project

  • Creating a UIViewController and UITableView

  • Customizing a cell's appearance

  • Creating an Android project

  • Creating an XML interface and ListView

  • Shared projects

  • Custom row appearance

  • Bitmap functions

  • The ALAssetLibrary

  • Adding the iOS photo screen

  • Adding the Android photo screen