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Swift Essentials - Second Edition

By : Alex Blewitt
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Swift Essentials - Second Edition

By: Alex Blewitt

Overview of this book

Swift was considered one of the biggest innovations last year, and certainly with Swift 2 announced at WWDC in 2015, this segment of the developer space will continue to be hot and dominating. This is a fast-paced guide to provide an overview of Swift programming and then walks you through in detail how to write iOS applications. Progress through chapters on custom views, networking, parsing and build a complete application as a Git repository, all by using Swift as the core language
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Swift Essentials Second Edition
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Swift classes, protocols, and enums

Almost all Swift applications will be object oriented. Chapter 1, Exploring Swift, and Chapter 2, Playing with Swift, both demonstrated functional and procedural Swift code. Classes, such as Process from the CoreFoundation framework, and UIColor and UIImage from the UIKit framework, were used to demonstrate how classes can be used in applications. This section describes how to create classes, protocols, and enums in Swift.

Classes in Swift

A class is created in Swift using the class keyword, and braces are used to enclose the class body. The body can contain variables called properties, as well as functions called methods, which are collectively referred to as members. Instance members are unique to each instance, while static members are shared between all instances of that class.

Classes are typically defined in a file named for the class; so a GitHubRepository class would typically be defined in a GitHubRepository.swift file. A new Swift file can be...