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Swift iOS Programming for Kids

By : Steffen D. Sommer, Jim Campagno
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Swift iOS Programming for Kids

By: Steffen D. Sommer, Jim Campagno

Overview of this book

This book starts at the beginning by introducing programming through easy to use examples with the Swift Playgrounds app. Kids are regularly encouraged to explore and play with new concepts to support knowledge acquisition and retention – these newly learned skills can then be used to express their own unique ideas. Children will be shown how to create their first iOS application and build their very own movie night application.
Table of Contents (21 chapters)
Swift iOS Programming for Kids
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Chapter 13.  Space Pizza Delivery

In this chapter, we will build a fully featured iOS application. We will begin by designing our own custom classes, along with learning what enumerations are and how we can take advantage of them when building our apps. 

We will create a Space Pizza Delivery iOS Application. We will go step by step from creating an Xcode project, to writing the necessary code to make our application function. We will be covering the following topics:

  • Enumerations

  • Private variables

  • Property observers

  • Protocols

  • UIPickerView

  • Switch statements