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Swift iOS Programming for Kids

By : Steffen D. Sommer, Jim Campagno
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Swift iOS Programming for Kids

By: Steffen D. Sommer, Jim Campagno

Overview of this book

This book starts at the beginning by introducing programming through easy to use examples with the Swift Playgrounds app. Kids are regularly encouraged to explore and play with new concepts to support knowledge acquisition and retention – these newly learned skills can then be used to express their own unique ideas. Children will be shown how to create their first iOS application and build their very own movie night application.
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Swift iOS Programming for Kids
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Space Pizza

Let's assume that we're in some distant future that allows us to travel at the speed of light. Not only that, as a species, we've been able to figure out a way to inhabit all the planets in our solar system. This was no small feat! Our great great grandfather (named Frank) used to run his own pizza shop in our hometown on Earth, Brooklyn. Out of respect for him, we've decided to create the very first inter galactic pizza delivery service and call it Frank's Pizza.

In this distant future, everyone's love of pizza still exists. Due to this, our pizza service can deliver pizza to any planet in our solar system.

However, there's one problem. Traveling to these planets isn't cheap, so we've decided to create the following flyer to let everyone know what the costs are for getting a homemade slice of Brooklyn pizza delivered to them. Here is the flyer we've made which we intend to hand out to everyone:


After completing this iOS application, you will note that the prices on this flyer...