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Android Wear Projects

By : Ashok Kumar S
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Android Wear Projects

By: Ashok Kumar S

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Android Wear Projects is your opportunity to step into the exciting new world of Android Wear app development. This book will help you to master the skills in Android Wear programming and give you a complete insight on wear app development. You will create five different Android Wear apps just like the most popular Android Wear apps. You will create a To-do list, a city maps app, a Wear messenger, Wear fitness tracker and Watch face. While you create these apps you will learn to create custom notifications, receive voice inputs in notifications, add pages to notifications and stack notifications. You will see how to create custom wear app layouts, the custom UIs specially designed for Wear. You will learn to handle and manage data and syncing data with other devices, create interactive Watch faces and also ensure the safety and security of your Wear apps by testing and securing your apps before you deploy them on the app store.
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Let us Help Capture What is on Your Mind - WearRecyclerView and More
Let us Help Capture What is on Your Mind - Saving Data and Customizing the UI
Measuring Your Wellness and Syncing Collected Sensor Data
Let us Chat in a Smart Way - Notifications and More

The CanvasWatchFaceService class and registering your watch face

Watch faces are services with and visual rendering ability; all watch faces will extend the CanvasWatchFaceService class. The CanvasWatchFaceService class extracts its functionalities from the WallpaperSevice and WallpaperService.Engine classes. The Engine class, with its methods, helps the watch face with its lifecycle. If you have to make a watch face for an Android Wear, you should use the CanvasWatchfaceService class instead of plain old vanilla WallpaperService. A watch face service, like a wallpaper service, must implement only the onCreateEngine() method. Watch face engines need to implement the method onTimeTick() to refresh the time and refresh the view and onAmbientModeChanged(boolean) to switch between different version of watch faces, such as the grey mode and colorful watch face. Watch face engines in a like manner implement onInterruptionFilterChanged(int) to update the view dependent upon how much information...