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Android Wear Projects

By : Ashok Kumar S
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Android Wear Projects

By: Ashok Kumar S

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Android Wear Projects is your opportunity to step into the exciting new world of Android Wear app development. This book will help you to master the skills in Android Wear programming and give you a complete insight on wear app development. You will create five different Android Wear apps just like the most popular Android Wear apps. You will create a To-do list, a city maps app, a Wear messenger, Wear fitness tracker and Watch face. While you create these apps you will learn to create custom notifications, receive voice inputs in notifications, add pages to notifications and stack notifications. You will see how to create custom wear app layouts, the custom UIs specially designed for Wear. You will learn to handle and manage data and syncing data with other devices, create interactive Watch faces and also ensure the safety and security of your Wear apps by testing and securing your apps before you deploy them on the app store.
Table of Contents (18 chapters)
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Let us Help Capture What is on Your Mind - WearRecyclerView and More
Let us Help Capture What is on Your Mind - Saving Data and Customizing the UI
Measuring Your Wellness and Syncing Collected Sensor Data
Let us Chat in a Smart Way - Notifications and More

Chapter 6. Ways to Get Around Anywhere - WearMap and the GoogleAPIclient

A Map is a visual representation of an area or a part of an area.

We humans travel to different cities; they could be domestic or international cities. How about tracking the places you visit? We all use maps for different reasons, but in most cases, we use maps to plan a particular activity, such as outdoor tours, cycling, and other similar activities. Maps influence human intelligence to find the fastest route from the source location to the destination. In this project, we will build a Wear application that works with the Google Maps service.

For record, Google Maps started as a C++ desktop program in October, 2004. Google Maps officially released in February, 2005. Google Maps offers an API that allows maps to be embedded in third-party applications; Google Maps offers aerial and satellite views of many places. Google Maps is the best compared to other map services; maps are optimize and its accuracy rate is very...