Mastering iOS 12 Programming - Third Edition

Mastering iOS 12 Programming - Third Edition

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Scheduling and handling notifications

Every notification you see on iOS has been scheduled or pushed to the user in one way or another. But before an app is even allowed to send notifications, there are a couple of things you must do. The steps you need to follow can be roughly divided as follows:

  1. Registering for notifications
  2. Creating notification contents
  3. Scheduling your notification
  4. Handling incoming notifications

Not every step is completely identical for local and remote notifications. When there are differences, and these will be very minor, they will be described in the relevant section. You will work on the Notifications app that is included in the code bundle for this chapter.

The Notifications app contains a user interface that allows you to schedule different notifications for reminders that will trigger after a certain amount of time, so you can easily experiment with different notifications.

Registering for notifications

Any app that wants to present notifications has to ask the user...

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