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Mastering iOS 12 Programming - Third Edition

By : Donny Wals
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Mastering iOS 12 Programming - Third Edition

By: Donny Wals

Overview of this book

The iOS development environment has significantly matured, and with Apple users spending more money in the App Store, there are plenty of development opportunities for professional iOS developers. However, the journey to mastering iOS development and the new features of iOS 12 is not straightforward. This book will help you make that transition smoothly and easily. With the help of Swift 4.2, you’ll not only learn how to program for iOS 12, but also how to write efficient, readable, and maintainable Swift code that maintains industry best practices. Mastering iOS 12 Programming will help you build real-world applications and reflect the real-world development flow. You will also find a mix of thorough background information and practical examples, teaching you how to start implementing your newly gained knowledge. By the end of this book, you will have got to grips with building iOS applications that harness advanced techniques and make best use of the latest and greatest features available in iOS 12.
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Fetching data from the web

Retrieving data from the web is something that you will often do as an iOS professional. You won't just fetch data from a web service; you'll also send data back to it. For example, you might have to make an HTTP POST request as part of a login flow or to update a user's profile information. Over time, iOS has evolved quite a bit in the web requests department, making it easier to use web services in apps.


HTTP (or HTTPS) is a protocol that almost all web traffic uses for communication between a client, such as an app, and a server. The HTTP protocol supports several methods that signal the request's intent. GET is used to retrieve information from a server. A POST request indicates the intention to push new content to a server, for instance, submitting a form.

When you want to perform a web request in iOS, you will typically use the URLSession class. The URLSession class makes asynchronous web requests on your behalf. This means that iOS loads data from the...