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Mastering iOS 12 Programming - Third Edition

By : Donny Wals
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Mastering iOS 12 Programming - Third Edition

By: Donny Wals

Overview of this book

The iOS development environment has significantly matured, and with Apple users spending more money in the App Store, there are plenty of development opportunities for professional iOS developers. However, the journey to mastering iOS development and the new features of iOS 12 is not straightforward. This book will help you make that transition smoothly and easily. With the help of Swift 4.2, you’ll not only learn how to program for iOS 12, but also how to write efficient, readable, and maintainable Swift code that maintains industry best practices. Mastering iOS 12 Programming will help you build real-world applications and reflect the real-world development flow. You will also find a mix of thorough background information and practical examples, teaching you how to start implementing your newly gained knowledge. By the end of this book, you will have got to grips with building iOS applications that harness advanced techniques and make best use of the latest and greatest features available in iOS 12.
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About the author

Donny Walsis a passionate, curious, iOS developer from The Netherlands. With several years of experience in building apps and sharing knowledge under his belt, Donny is a respected member of the iOS development community.  Donny enjoys delivering talks on smaller and larger scales to share his knowledge and experiences with his peers.

In addition to sharing knowledge, Donny loves learning more about iOS, Apple's frameworks and development in general. This eagerness to learn has made him into a versatile iOS developer with knowledge of a significant number of Apple's frameworks and tools. During WWDC you will often find Donny binge-watching the talks that Apple engineers deliver to introduce new features and frameworks.


This book goes out to the entire iOS development community as a whole. Without such a great community I would not be where I am today (and there would be nobody to read this book). I would like to thank Ties Baltissen in particular for being my guinea pig during the process of writing and refining the content for this book.

About the reviewers

Cecil Costa, also known as Eduardo Campos in Latin countries, is a Euro-Brazilian freelance developer. He has been giving onsite courses for companies such as Ericsson, Roche, TVE (a Spanish TV channel), and others. He has also worked for different companies, including IBM, Qualcomm, Spanish Lottery, and Dia. Heis also the author of Swift Cookbook, Swift 2 Blueprints, Reactive Programming with Swift, and a video course called Building iOS 10 Applications with Swift, by Packt Publishing.



Nikola Brežnjak is an engineer at heart and a jack of all trades kind of guy. Currently, he's the director of mobile engineering at Teltech and is responsible for the management, mentoring and coaching of mobile app developers. He loves his job!

He wrote books on the Ionic framework and the MEAN stack and was a technical reviewer for few of Packt's books.

He likes to help out on StackOverflow where he's a top contributor. He records a podcast called DevThink with his friend Shawn Milochik and runs a local meetup called MeCoDe.

I want to thank my wife for supporting me in all my geeky endeavors and my parents for teaching me the power of hard and consistent work.



Shaun Rowe is a software engineer with over 20 years of professional experience. He wrote his first line of code at the age of 11 and began his career at the height of the dot com boom. He has been developing for Apple platforms for over 8 years, as soon as Swift was officially supported by XCode he became an early adopter. During his 20 years in the industry he has worked in many fields and many disciplines, gaining knowledge and experience in all aspects of software development, from the web to mobile. He ran a successful mobile development agency for a number of years before moving to Amsterdam for a new and exciting opportunity at the end of 2017.

I would like to thank the author for offering me the opportunity to review this excellent book.

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