iOS 14 Programming for Beginners - Fifth Edition

iOS 14 Programming for Beginners - Fifth Edition

Section 1: Swift
Section 2:Design
Section 3:Code
Section 4:Features

Understanding filters

iOS has a range of built-in filters that you can use to enhance photos. These filters are available via the Core Image library. Core Image is an image processing and analysis technology that provides high-performance processing for still and video images. There are over 170 filters available in Core Image, giving you the ability to apply a wide range of cool effects to your photos.

Important note

You can learn more about Core Image at

For this app, you'll just be using 10 filters. The details of these filters are provided in a .plist file. Import this file into your app by following these steps:

  1. If you have not yet done so, download and unzip the code bundle for this book at this link: You will find the FilterData.plist file inside the resources folder in the Chapter20 folder.
  2. In the Project navigator...
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