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Apps and Services with .NET 7

By : Mark J. Price
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Apps and Services with .NET 7

By: Mark J. Price

Overview of this book

Apps and Services with .NET 7 is for .NET 6 and .NET 7 developers who want to kick their C# and .NET understanding up a gear by learning the practical skills and knowledge they need to build real-world applications and services. It covers specialized libraries that will help you monitor and improve performance, secure your data and applications, and internationalize your code and apps. With chapters that put a variety of technologies into practice, including Web API, OData, gRPC, GraphQL, SignalR, and Azure Functions, this book will give you a broader scope of knowledge than other books that often focus on only a handful of .NET technologies. It covers the latest developments, libraries, and technologies that will help keep you up to date. You’ll also leverage .NET MAUI to develop mobile apps for iOS and Android as well as desktop apps for Windows and macOS.
Table of Contents (23 chapters)

Practicing and exploring

Test your knowledge and understanding by answering some questions, getting some hands-on practice, and exploring this chapter’s topics with deeper research.

Exercise 16.1 – Test your knowledge

Answer the following questions:

  1. What are the three Blazor hosting models?
  2. Does Blazor WebAssembly support all features of the latest .NET APIs?
  3. What is the file extension for Blazor components?
  4. How do you set the default layout for all Blazor page components?
  5. How do you register a route for a Blazor page component?
  6. When would you set the Match property of a <NavLink> component to NavLinkMatch.All?
  7. You have imported a custom namespace in the _Imports.razor file, but when you try to use a class in that namespace in a code-behind file for the Blazor component, the class is not found. Why? How can you fix the issue?
  8. What must you do to a property in a component class to have it set to a query...