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Flutter Cookbook

By : Simone Alessandria, Brian Kayfitz
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Flutter Cookbook

4 (1)
By: Simone Alessandria, Brian Kayfitz

Overview of this book

“Anyone interested in developing Flutter applications for Android or iOS should have a copy of this book on their desk.” – Amazon 5* Review Lauded as the ‘Flutter bible’ for new and experienced mobile app developers, this recipe-based guide will teach you the best practices for robust app development, as well as how to solve cross-platform development issues. From setting up and customizing your development environment to error handling and debugging, The Flutter Cookbook covers the how-tos as well as the principles behind them. As you progress, the recipes in this book will get you up to speed with the main tasks involved in app development, such as user interface and user experience (UI/UX) design, API design, and creating animations. Later chapters will focus on routing, retrieving data from web services, and persisting data locally. A dedicated section also covers Firebase and its machine learning capabilities. The last chapter is specifically designed to help you create apps for the web and desktop (Windows, Mac, and Linux). Throughout the book, you’ll also find recipes that cover the most important features needed to build a cross-platform application, along with insights into running a single codebase on different platforms. By the end of this Flutter book, you’ll be writing and delivering fully functional apps with confidence.
Table of Contents (17 chapters)
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How to do it...

We'll continue with the same pattern from the previous recipe:

  1. Start by creating the hub function for the different features we are going to cover:
void functionPlayground() {
  1. Now, add some functions that take parameters and return values:
void printMyName(String name) {
print('Hello $name');

int add(int a, int b) {
return a + b;

int factorial(int number) {
if (number <= 0) {
return 1;

return number * factorial(number - 1);

void classicalFunctions() {

final sum = add(5, 3);

print('10 Factorial is ${factorial(10)}');
  1. One of the new features that Dart has added is optional parameters. If you wrap your function's parameter list in square brackets, then those parameters can be omitted without the compiler throwing errors. 
The question mark after a parameter, such as in String? name, tells the Dart compiler that the parameter itself can be null
  1. Write this code immediately after the previous example:
void unnamed([String? name, int? age]) {
final actualName = name ?? 'Unknown';
final actualAge = age ?? 0;
print('$actualName is $actualAge years old.');

Dart also supports named optional parameters, with curly brackets.

When calling a function with named parameters, you need to specify the parameter name. You can call the parameters in any order; for example, named(greeting: 'hello!');.
  1. Add this function right after the unnamed optional function:
void named({String? greeting, String? name}) {
final actualGreeting = greeting ?? 'Hello';
final actualName = name ?? 'Mystery Person';
print('$actualGreeting, $actualName!');
  1. Optional parameters and optional named parameters also support default values. If the parameter is omitted when the function is called, the default value will be used instead of null. You can also place a set of required parameters first, followed by a list of optionals. Add the following code to see how this can be accomplished:
String duplicate(String name, {int times = 1}) {
String merged = '';
for (int i = 0; i < times; i++) {
merged += name;
if (i != times - 1) {
merged += ' ';

return merged;
  1. Now, implement the playground function to show all these pieces in action:
void optionalParameters() {
unnamed('Huxley', 3);

// Notice how named parameters can be in any order
named(greeting: 'Greetings and Salutations');
named(name: 'Sonia');
named(name: 'Alex', greeting: 'Bonjour');

final multiply = duplicate('Mikey', times: 3);
  1. Finally, update the main method so that these functions can be executed:
main() {