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Handbook of Usability Testing - Second Edition

By : Jeffrey Rubin, Dana Chisnell
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Handbook of Usability Testing - Second Edition

By: Jeffrey Rubin, Dana Chisnell

Overview of this book

Whether it's software, technical documentation, a cell phone, or a refrigerator, your customer expects your product to be easy to use. Completely updated with current industry best practices and more varied examples, it can give you that all-important marketplace advantage: products that perform the way users expect. The first part of the book introduces you to the overview of testing which covers the definition of the key terms and presents an expanded discussion of user-centered design and other usability techniques. As you progress, you’ll learn the various steps involved in performing a test. The later chapters explore the advanced testing methods and discuss how to extend one’s influence of the whole product development strategy. By the end of this book, you’ll have the exact knowledge to understand and improve the usability of your product.
Table of Contents (6 chapters)

Chapter 5

Develop the Test Plan

The test plan is the foundation for the entire test. It addresses the how, when, where, who, why, and what of your usability test. Under the sometimes unrelenting time pressure of project deadlines, there could be a tendency to forgo writing a detailed test plan. Perhaps, feeling that you have a good idea of what you would like to test in your head, you decide not to bother writing it down. This informal approach is a mistake, and it invariably will come back to haunt you.

Why Create a Test Plan?

A sound approach is to start writing the test plan as soon as you know you will be testing. Then, as the project proceeds, continue to refine it, get feedback, buy-in, and so forth. Of course, there is a limit to flexibility, so prior to the test you need to set a reasonable deadline after which the test plan may not change. Let that date also serve as the point at which the product can no longer change until after the test. You may find that the test plan is the...