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Linux Essentials - Second Edition

By : Christine Bresnahan, Richard Blum
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Linux Essentials - Second Edition

By: Christine Bresnahan, Richard Blum

Overview of this book

Linux Essentials, Second Edition provides a solid foundation of knowledge for anyone considering a career in information technology, for anyone new to the Linux operating system, and for anyone who is preparing to sit for the Linux Essentials Exam. Through this engaging resource, you can access key information in a learning-by-doing style. Hands-on tutorials and end-of-chapter exercises and review questions lead you in both learning and applying new information—information that will help you achieve your goals! With the experience provided in this compelling reference, you can sit down for the Linux Essentials Exam with confidence. An open-source operating system, Linux is a UNIX-based platform that is freely updated by developers. The nature of its development means that Linux is a low-cost and secure alternative to other operating systems, and is used in many different IT environments. Passing the Linux Essentials Exam prepares you to apply your knowledge regarding this operating system within the workforce.
Table of Contents (19 chapters)

Getting Help Using info Pages

The man page system is typical on Unix-like OSs, including Linux, but it’s also quite old and is therefore limited. A newer documentation system, known as info pages, is also available. The next few pages describe how info pages fill gaps in the man page system and how to use info pages.


Understanding the Purpose of info Pages

The basic design of man pages dates back decades, so it predates some important developments in managing information. Most notably, man pages are not hyperlinked. Although a See Also section is common in man pages, you can’t select one of these items to read the relevant man page directly; you must quit the man system and type a new man command to read the new page. This lack of hyperlinking also makes navigating through a large man page awkward. You can use text searches to locate information that you desire, but these often find the wrong text—or if you mistype a string, your search might fail completely.