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Backbone.js Testing

By : Ryan Glenn Roemer
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Backbone.js Testing

By: Ryan Glenn Roemer

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Backbone.js Testing
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Chapter 2. Creating a Backbone.js Application Test Plan

Now that we have a basic test infrastructure, we'll turn our attention toward integrating a Backbone.js application and mapping out a test development strategy. In this chapter, we will create a test plan by working through the following topics:

  • Reviewing some fundamental concepts of Backbone.js development

  • Selecting a Backbone.js application to test

  • Examining relevant testing concepts and approaches to guide test plan creation and execution

  • Evaluating parts of the Backbone.js application to test in complete or partial isolation

  • Identifying tests that exercise multiple interacting parts of the Backbone.js application

  • Integrating the Backbone.js application into our test infrastructure, and authoring and running a few introductory application tests