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Backbone.js Testing

By : Ryan Glenn Roemer
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Backbone.js Testing

By: Ryan Glenn Roemer

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Backbone.js Testing
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Testing concepts, approaches, and planning

Before jumping into the testing waters, it makes sense to have a plan of what we should test and why. The term test plan is heavily overloaded with many potential interpretations as processes, literature, and practices have been prevalent and continuously evolving for decades. It is not surprising that modern test plans can range from casual, mostly ad-hoc practices to formal, 100-page documents requiring executive sign offs at various stages.


For a more detailed discussion on the test plan practices applied to modern JavaScript applications, see the JavaScript Testing Beginner's Guide by Yuxian Eugene Liang (

As Backbone.js applications are typically created in iterative development cycles, often without a lot of extra formality, we will take a fairly practical approach and create a test plan that simply identifies testing categories and applies them to the application under test...