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Backbone.js Testing

By : Ryan Glenn Roemer
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Backbone.js Testing

By: Ryan Glenn Roemer

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Backbone.js Testing
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Testing application interactions and events

A Backbone.js application is used as a cohesive whole by end users, and wherever possible, we should have the test infrastructure verify overall application functionality and behaviors that cut across single Backbone.js components.

Partial integrations

While unit tests are a staple of modern software development, we must metaphorically move from unit-testing trees to the forest of partial integration tests to ensure that at least some pieces of the application work together harmoniously and reliably. In practice, this just means varying the degree to which we mock or remove component dependencies in the tests we discussed previously.

Integration tests can interact with application parts in many ways, including:

  • By creating a parent view with a collection and subviews, invoking DOM events, and checking appropriate changes are made to both the collection data and subview displays

  • By filling in and submitting the form input in a Backbone.js view

  • By directly...