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Backbone.js Testing

By : Ryan Glenn Roemer
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Backbone.js Testing

By: Ryan Glenn Roemer

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Backbone.js Testing
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Chapter 6. Automated Web Testing

Having finished discussing the substantive techniques for testing Backbone.js applications, we will now look into various means of automating our test infrastructure. The ability to programmatically run our test collection enables new and exciting use cases beyond a single developer manually running a test driver page during development. In this chapter we will explore the following automation and development topics:

  • Surveying scenarios and motivations for automating our test infrastructure

  • Investigating different approaches for programmatically running a Backbone.js application test suite

  • Introducing PhantomJS and adapter tools for frontend testing

  • Integrating our existing test infrastructure into the PhantomJS environment

  • Concluding our discussion on the principles and practices of Backbone.js application testing with suggestions and resources for the next steps after finishing this book