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Mastering Apache Camel

By : Bilgin Ismet Ibryam, Jean Baptiste Onofre, Jean-Baptiste Onofré
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Mastering Apache Camel

By: Bilgin Ismet Ibryam, Jean Baptiste Onofre, Jean-Baptiste Onofré

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Mastering Apache Camel
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In every Camel route, there is a channel that sits between each processor in the route graph. It's responsible for the routing of an Exchange to the next Processor in the graph. The channel acts as a controller that monitors and controls the routing at runtime. It allows Camel to enrich the route with interceptors. For instance, the Camel tracer or the error handling are functionalities implemented using an interceptor on the channel.

The channel is described by the org.apache.camel.Channel interface. You can configure your own interceptor on the channels by describing it in Camel context.

Camel supports three kinds of interceptors on the channels:

  • Global interceptors: This intercepts all exchanges on the channels

  • Interceptors on the incoming exchanges: This has limited the scope of the interceptor only on the first channel (the one just after the first endpoint)

  • Interceptors on the exchanges going to one specific endpoint: This limits the interceptor to the channel just before a given...