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Mastering Mobile Test Automation

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Mastering Mobile Test Automation

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Mastering Mobile Test Automation
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Automation technologies with real devices

It is very important to have a clear understanding of the automation technology that a tool uses in order to be able to select the right tool, as per a project's requirements. The importance of this stems from the fact that many a time, it might not be feasible to get the source code of an application to enable automation with tools that need instrumentation of code; in other cases, it might not be possible to test the application with a Wi-Fi connection while doing tethering simultaneously. So here, we will learn about the various automation technologies and their implications on any project requirements.

Basically, there are the following technologies:

  • Optical recognition

  • AUT code instrumentation

  • Accessing native device methods

Automation with the optical recognition technology

In this technology, the tools use an image comparison and mapping algorithm to capture the application objects during recording, and then identify the correct object from the...