Using CiviCRM - Second Edition

Using CiviCRM - Second Edition

Using CiviCRM - Second Edition
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At this point, we have a good understanding of the contact record, can navigate through the system, and now can conduct searches to our heart's content. However, now that you've triggered a search and have the records you're looking for, what do you do next?

Sometimes, you'll conduct a search to find a specific record, and then navigate to the contact and perform some work on their data. However, more often you are searching for the groups of records and want to perform bulk actions on either the full or partial results list.

CiviCRM accomplishes this through the action drop-down options. After conducting a search, select the All X records radio button or Selected records only (if you want to manually choose records from the result to take action on). This will enable the actions' drop-down list. Choose your desired action from the list to continue.

As you can see from the list of options, there are quite a few actions you may take on your search results. We will review...

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