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Gitolite Essentials

By : Sitaram Chamarty
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Gitolite Essentials

By: Sitaram Chamarty

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Gitolite Essentials
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Managing with just wild repos

If you think about the example we've been working on throughout this chapter, it does not allow the user to trust anyone else with RW+ permissions; if any rewinding or deleting of branches is required it has to be the owner herself that does it.

We can rectify this by changing the RW+ permission line to:


Thus, defining a new role (or list of users, if you will) called TRUSTED. Of course, for this to work, you—as the administrator—must log on to the server and edit $HOME/.gitolite.rc to add this new role to the list of roles defined in that file under the ROLES hash. Then you can tell your user that there is a third list of users, called TRUSTED, which she can use to specify users she would like to allow to rewind or delete branches or tags.

Now that we have started going this route, we can go a little further and then a little more, until we end up with something that is essentially a one-time setup of Gitolite, requiring little to...