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Mastering Geoserver

By : Colin Henderson
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Mastering Geoserver

By: Colin Henderson

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Mastering GeoServer
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In this chapter, we took a look at what cascaded services are, some scenarios in which cascaded services might be used, and finally, we had a go at cascading some external WMS and WFS services through our own instance of GeoServer. The key point to take away from this chapter is that cascaded services will open the door to more creative deployment scenarios within the enterprise environment.

Irrespective of how you choose to implement cascaded WMS and WFS services, you are now much better placed to understand the concept, and therefore, make smarter decisions about your deployment scenarios.

In the last few chapters, we looked at the different ways in which we can consume and publish data using GeoServer. In the next chapter, we will take a look at the different ways in which we control how GeoServer outputs the data.