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Mastering Geoserver

By : Colin Henderson
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Mastering Geoserver

By: Colin Henderson

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Mastering GeoServer
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Defining print layouts

The layouts section of the config.yaml file is where we define the layouts we want to make available to our users. Each layout can consist of a title page, main page, and a back page, making it possible to create booklet-style outputs. The main page is where we place our mapping and attribute content that will form the structure for the page. When making a request for output, it is possible to create multiple pages, with the content of each page differing but the layout remaining the same. The server generates each page by repeatedly using the main page definition of the layout but changing the content on each use.

Importantly, we do not have to specify all the three types of pages; it is perfectly valid for a layout to simply define a main page. If the layout does not contain definitions for title and back pages, then these will not be generated. It is important to note that the main page is the only one that can contain a map, so the title and back pages are best...