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Mastering Geoserver

By : Colin Henderson
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Mastering Geoserver

By: Colin Henderson

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Mastering GeoServer
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An example OpenLayers application

So, we installed and configured the print extension inside our GeoServer instance. We created a nice A4 landscape and portrait layout and learned how to communicate with the print server. All that remains is to bring it all together into an application that we can use to test our layouts and actually get some example output.

A sample OpenLayers application has been provided in the code of this book; this sample application applies all the concepts that we have learned.

In this section, we will not cover the complete code for the sample application; the code accompanies this book and is well commented. We will discuss some of the key points of the code in this section to aid our understanding of what is happening.

The application itself presents an OpenLayers map that has a WMS layer and OpenStreetMap layer loaded into it. The base layer is the built-in OpenLayers OpenStreetMap layer, and it has an opacity level applied to it to tone down the map. The second...