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Learning Cypher

By : Onofrio Panzarino
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Learning Cypher

By: Onofrio Panzarino

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About the Reviewers

Riccardo Mancinelli has acquired a degree in Electronics Engineering. He has more than nine years of experience in IT, specializing in frontend and backend software development. He currently works as an IT architect consultant and a senior Java developer.

He loves any tool and programming language that will help him achieve his goal easily and quickly. Besides programming, his favorite hobby is reading.

Rohit Mukherjee is a student of computer engineering at the National University of Singapore (NUS). He is passionate about software engineering and new technologies. He is currently based in Zurich, Switzerland, on a student exchange program at ETH, Zurich.

Rohit has worked for Ernst and Young in Kolkata, Bank of America Merrill Lynch in Singapore, and Klinify in Singapore.

He was a technical reviewer for Google Apps Script for Beginners, Serge Gabet, Packt Publishing.

Timmy Storms started working as a Java consultant after he completed his Bachelor's degree in Information Technology. He acquired SCJP, SCWCD, and SCBCD certifications to boost his overall Java knowledge. Over the years, he has worked in several industries, such as banking, and health care as well as for the government, where he gained a broad overview of the Java landscape. In the initial years of his career, he worked mostly as a frontend developer, but later on shifted his focus to backend technology.

He discovered the wonderful world of graph databases, and especially Neo4j, in late 2012. After he developed a social platform, he quickly saw the benefits of Neo4j and its query language Cypher. Being an early adopter of modules such as Spring Data Neo4j and cypher-dsl, he has made some contributions to the source code as well. He tries to help out as much as he can on topics pertaining to Neo4j and Cypher tags on Learning Cypher is the first book that he has reviewed, and he doesn't expect it to be his last one.

Craig Taverner is an open source software developer, technology enthusiast, and entrepreneur working on many projects, especially those that involve Ruby, GIS, and Neo4j. He is the CTO and co-founder of AmanziTel AB, where he helps build really cool telecom statistics platforms.

Having a background in pure science, Craig has spent the last two decades working mostly in the mobile telecom field, where he has applied his analytical skills to help large international operators solve their complex data analysis problems. During this time, he has also contributed to several open source projects, most notably Neo4j Spatial, as well as presented at many conferences, such as FOSS4G 2010 and 2011 and GraphConnect 2012 and 2013. In addition, he has reviewed several technical books, including Domain Specific Languages, Martin Fowler, Addison-Wesley Professional; Linked Data, David Wood and Marsha Zaidman, Manning Publications; and Neo4j in Action, Jonas Partner, Aleksa Vukotic, and Nicki Watt, Manning Publications.