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Mastering jBPM6

By : Simone Fiorini, Arun V Gopalakrishnan
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Mastering jBPM6

By: Simone Fiorini, Arun V Gopalakrishnan

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Mastering jBPM6
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Installing the jBPM tool stack

A jBPM release comes with an installation zip file, which contains the essentials for the jBPM environment and tools for building a demo runtime for easy hands-on management of the jBPM runtime environment.

For downloading jBPM:

  1. Go to | Download | Download jBPM 6.2.0.Final |

    Use the latest stable version. The content of the book follows the 6.2.0 release.

  2. Unzip and extract the installer content and you will find an install.html file that contains the helper documentation for installing a demo jBPM runtime with inbuilt projects.


jBPM installation needs JDK 1.6+ to be installed and set as JAVA_HOME and the tooling for installation is done using ANT scripts (ANT version 1.7+).

The tooling for installation is basically an ANT script, which is a straightforward method for installation and can be customized easily. To operate the tooling, the ANT script consists of the ANT targets that act as the commands for...