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Mastering jBPM6

By : Simone Fiorini, Arun V Gopalakrishnan
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Mastering jBPM6

By: Simone Fiorini, Arun V Gopalakrishnan

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Mastering jBPM6
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An overview of the KIE workbench, Git, and Maven

At first, the jBPM 6.2 architecture may seem a bit hard to grasp, since several new components have been integrated to provide the developers with industry standard tools for making it easier to support source code management and building/deployment. The jBPM platform integrates with the Git and Maven repositories so that you can share Kie business assets and publish Kie modules to remote teams. Let us see how Git and Maven fit into the Kie platform (shown in the following image).

The KIE workbench manages assets from its Kie Git repositories (either brand new or cloned from remote repositories). All Kie Git repositories can be found in the .niogit folder. The Kie deployment process installs the modules into the Kie Maven repository (located in the repositories/kie folder). This repository is publicly accessible via either the Git or the SSH protocol.

Working with Git

The KIE workbench enables us to create a new empty Git bare repository or...