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DynamoDB Applied Design Patterns

By : Uchit Hamendra Vyas
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DynamoDB Applied Design Patterns

By: Uchit Hamendra Vyas

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DynamoDB Applied Design Patterns
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HTTP requests

As discussed in the previous section, only the request and response is in JSON format. On both the client side and the server side, this JSON data (request and response) is parsed by the SDK or the browser (on the client side) and DynamoDB (on the server side).We can perform almost all types of DynamoDB operations through HTTP requests. All the possible operations are listed, and we will discuss them in detail in the last section of this chapter. Now, let's observe the HTTP request structure. The strength of the REST API can be easily understood from the fact that most of the SDKs use REST API internally for all their calls.

Here, I have used Postman (an extension of Google Chrome) to perform the REST operations. Other than that, many other software options, such as cURL, are also available for the same purpose.

In the following screenshot, we need to understand the use of the three sections (on the right-hand side):

The first section has a textbox, a drop-down menu (with POST...