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DynamoDB Applied Design Patterns

By : Uchit Hamendra Vyas
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DynamoDB Applied Design Patterns

By: Uchit Hamendra Vyas

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DynamoDB Applied Design Patterns
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Loading data from DynamoDB into Redshift

Amazon Redshift will give great results by integrating with Amazon DynamoDB. Integration of both services will give you advanced business intelligence capabilities and a powerful SQL-based interface for database administrators and developers. By copying data from an Amazon DynamoDB table to Amazon Redshift clustered instances, you can perform any complex data analysis queries on the given data, including all joins. You can transfer all of your Amazon DynamoDB data from tables into an Amazon Redshift table using just a single command run from within Amazon Redshift. To load data into Redshift from DynamoDB, you have to first create tables in Redshift. The table can be temporary or persistent. The COPY command will affix new inputs as data to any existing rows in the table:

copytable_uchitredshift from 'dynamodb:// table_uchitdynamodb' 
credentials 'aws_access_key_id=xxxxx;aws_secret_access_key=xxx' 
readratio 50;

In this example, the source table in...