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DynamoDB Applied Design Patterns

By : Uchit Hamendra Vyas
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DynamoDB Applied Design Patterns

By: Uchit Hamendra Vyas

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DynamoDB Applied Design Patterns
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AWS DynamoDB on mobile

Amazon DynamoDB, as we have seen, is a rapidly-growing service from the AWS services stack. It is a fully-managed database service for the NoSQL database category. All the data items are stored in SSDs and will automatically be replicated with different Availability Zones (AZs) for High Availability (HA) and durability of data. Using Amazon DynamoDB, you can create and manage mobile applications along with the help of AWS Mobile SDKs.

AWS Mobile SDK will give you full freedom to access DynamoDB for your queries, to create tables and more, over all basics of the CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations within table. So in this example, you will learn the coding mechanism for both Android as well as iOS mobile platforms.

Storing data in the table

Let's take a look at a table where you want to store some data about the user, such as a first name, his/her location, and his/her highest exam score. You can create the table in many ways, but here you will go through the...